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A Cigar Rating System

Today’s cigar smokers are increasingly selective and perceptive, and are eager to hone their skills of enjoying premium cigars. Limited production, high quality stogies are always emerging and evolving and require the complements of proper storage and aging that you can provide. Even a once immature, coarse tasting and rough burning smoke may gain balance and richness just from laying down in your properly maintained humidor for an appropriate time. Long-term aging is not a practice for the average smoker, but rather a luxury embraced by the connoisseur smoker and hobbyist.
Having a standardized cigar rating system can be very useful.
You want to be able to compare different cigars, rated by different people, in different places at different times.
There is no cigar rating system that is perfect, and there probably never will be! Here's one that we believe is amongst the best available.
It's the rating system developed by CIGAR AFICIONADO™ Magazine, and the text is from the Cigar Lover's Diary.

The 100 Point Cigar Ranking System...
There are four components used in the system developed by CIGAR AFICIONADO™ for assigning a rating number to a cigar:

Appearance and Construction
(15 of the possible 100 points)
Visually, a premium cigar should have a smooth, flawless wrapper and be consistent in color and shape. When held, it should feel firm and give off a slightly oily moistness. Points are deducted if the wrapper has areas of large veins or if the cigar feels dry or firmer in some parts than others.

(25 of the possible 100 points)
Although each premium cigar has a distinctive taste, all premium cigars should taste smooth and rich. If a cigar leaves a bitter or harsh taste on your lips, tongue or mouth, points are deducted.

Smoking Characteristics
(25 of the possible 100 points)
A perfectly made and stored premium cigar should light and burn easily and evenly. The draw should be comfortable and the same throughout the cigar. The smoke should be cool in your mouth. Points are deducted if the cigar burns too quickly, if it burns faster on one side, and if you have to pull hard to get a mouthful of smoke or if that smoke is unpleasantly hot.

Overall Impression
(35 of the possible 100 points)
This is the most heavily weighted category because it is the most important.
Well, folks, there you have it. With that information, you can now record your very own ratings of your own favorite cigars, using the best cigar rating system available.

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