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Reviving a Dry Cigar

How do you "revive" dry cigars kept in a cigar box?
There has been much discussion and argument over whether cigars can be restored to their normal state once they have dried out. If a cigar has become dry and the wrapper has not cracked and unraveled, then it can be restored. But this must be done slowly and patiently. If the wrapper has actually broken then the cigar should be discarded. If it has completely dried out, it will fall apart between your fingers regardless of how gentle and careful you are. So keep in mind that if cigars are very dry they will be difficult to revive satisfactorily. The key here is, if moisture can escape from a cigar, it can also be replaced. Remember, that although dry cigars could be brought back to an acceptable smoking condition, they will probably never be as good as they originally were

First technique
One of the simplest methods, which usually works, is to put the open box of cigars in a large plastic bag, which is partially, but not completely, closed (it is essential to have a little air flow). You should also put a glass of water or a moist sponge in the bag. Rotate the cigars every few days, remembering also to bring cigars from the bottom of the box to the top, and within three weeks or so the cigars should return to smokable condition. It is very much a matter of trial and error, and means that you have to keep a careful eye on things. However, having been dry in the first place, they will have lost much of their bouquet and won't compare to a well-kept cigar. In any event, cigars lose moisture slowly and need to regain it equally as slowly. You need patience: attempting drastic measures will only ruin the cigars for good.

Second technique
Another simple way of reviving a box of cigars is to turn it upside-down, and put it under a gently running faucet. Be careful: the water, but no more should moisten the bottom of the box. You could use a sponge as an alternative method of dampening the bottom of the box. Shake off excess water and put the box in an airtight bag. The cigars should be in good shape after a couple of days.

And if you donít have a boxÖ
If you don't have a cigar box, you can use a sealable plastic container. Put the dry cigars in the container and seal it for the first two days. This will trap any moisture still left in the cigars. On the third day, add the piece of dampened sponge, but here again, you run the risk of bursting, so be sure not to over-saturate the sponge and to keep the lid propped open in one corner to allow air flow

Reviving in stores
Some major cigar stores, particularly if you are a regular customer, will revive a box of cigars for you in their humidified room (it takes around a month) as a favor. The charming and knowledgeable Edward Sahakian of the Davidoff shop in London will even provide this service for people who aren't regular customers at no cost. "The pleasure of doing it is sufficient for both <the customer> and myself," he says. Top cigar stores will also store cigars in their humidors for regular clients.
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