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How can I cure, bad cigar breath?

Elimitaste Breath Gum is a strong mint gum for the breath conscious consumer. The patented blend of ingredients focuses on tackling the toughest breath. Smoke Screen is available in 12 piece sleeves for convenience. the first mainstream gum for the breath conscious consumer that is not only Sugarfree, but also Aspartame Free. This means it not only tastes great, but is healthy for you.

What causes bad breath?
"Morning Breath" is defined as the bad taste or smell that you or your partner may notice on awakening in the morning, or after any sleep period. A person may notice it to be worse after smoking a cigar the night before, or if they snacked during the night and did not clean their mouth afterwards. Smoking causes bad breath for a couple of reasons: Tar and nicotine build up on mouth surfaces such as teeth, tongue and sides of cheeks. Smoking dries the mouth by inhibiting saliva flow. Tobacco users are more likely to suffer from periodontal disease and are at greater risk for bad breath.

How to avoid bad breath?
Smoke Screen Gum is the first gum designed to reduce the aftertaste from smoking cigarettes and cigars. For years, consumers of tobacco have relied on inferior products that don't specifically address their needs.

See what people around the world are saying about ElimiTaste! With over 3,000 people switching to our gum on a daily basis, and with over 1 million satisfied customers, we take tremendous pride in what our customers are saying. "My husband smokes, and I can't stand to kiss him after he's had a cigar. I bought your Elimitaste SmokeScreen online and put it in his car. Now he chews over a pack a day and I can't tell that he even smokes. His clothes does still smell, but his breath is as if he doesn't even light up." Marsha, San Francisco, California.
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