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Travling With Cigar

Are you worried about how to look after your cigars while away on business or while on holiday? Don’t worry we have all the answers, how to make sure that all the cigars you carry will be safe with you. There is nothing better than sitting at home with a fine cigar and a glass of your favorite wine. But what if you want the same pleasure while on the go? Bringing your prized cigars with you on business trips, outings, meetings, or vacation is actually very simple if done correctly.

So here are our step by step rules, for traveling with your cigar

Step 1 “where to store the cigar” - make sure that you have the correct device to store your cigars When you take cigars with you on your travels, you need to protect them from physical damage, as well as from drying. Travel humidors are an ideal solution. Many are compact enough to easily slip into your briefcase or the small bag you take onboard aircraft. When buying a travel humidor, first make sure that it will accommodate cigars of the size and shape you prefer. Then check it for durability. No matter how careful you are, your travel humidor will get jostled quite a bit. Make sure that it has a hinge that will stand up to a bit of abuse and repeated openings. Also, check to be sure that the humidification unit will stay in place as you sprint for a taxi or jam your bag into an overhead compartment.
Sometimes, however, even a travel humidor is too much. Then you may want to rely on tubos and cigar cases. Tubos cigars that come packed in tubes, which help them stay properly humidified after they are taken out of a humidor, are a good one-at-a-time solution. You can also purchase elegant silver or wooden tubes that will keep individual cigars properly moisturized for up to 72 hours. The drawback is that you will need several such tubes to carry a day's supply. On top of that, your tailor will hate them: they tend to be bulky and heavy and, when placed in a pocket, they ruin the "drape" of a garment.
Often the answer is to carry an elegant leather cigar case, loaded with the cigars you hope to smoke that day, and return any that you don't smoke that day to the humidor each evening. If you always smoke the same kind of cigar, you can get a case that fits your cigars exactly -- with "fingers" of the right diameter, and with the ability to telescope, if you favor long cigars. Fingered cases offer the best protection because even a single cigar is held firmly in place and does not roll and bounce around within. If you smoke a varied selection, however, you will probably want to get an "open" case -- one without dividers or molded fingers -- which will accommodate a variety of sizes.
When you buy a cigar case, wear the coat or jacket that has the smallest pockets of all the garments in your wardrobe. Make sure that the case fits, and that you can live with the resulting bulge. Conversely, next time you go to have a suit, jacket or coat fitted, be sure to bring your cigar case. A good tailor will be able to adapt the garment so you can carry the case without looking as if you're packing a pistol.

Step 2 “what kind of cigars should i take with me” - After you get your storage device, choose the cigars that you want to bring along. It is best to take cigars that have already been stored in a humidor for a period of time as they will have stabilized at the perfect humidity. Make sure you bring only enough cigars for the excursion. You really want to avoid bringing any cigars back with you that you took from home. Not that they will go bad, but the likelihood is higher than if you enjoy them while out. For example, it is not advised to bring 25 cigars if you are going to a wedding and plan on smoking 2 during the evening.

Best cigar to carry in travel-humidor.
1. Montecristo No. 2
2. Bolivar Royal Corona
3. Partagas Corona
4. La Gloria Cubana Medialle d'or No. 3
5. Padron Magnum
6. Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur No. 1

Step 3 “arranges them” - Now that you have the cigars you want to travel with, and they have been sitting in a proper humidor for some time, you can simply take your storage device and load it up. If you just got cigars from the tobacco shop, it is advised to leave them in the wrapper and place them in your travel case.

More tips: Remember always to close your case, tube, etc. when you are done with your cigar. This will help maintain the humidity and preserve your cigars longer. Also, try to not put the case in direct sunlight or any place where the heat will get extreme. It is best to carry the case with you at all times. As an example, bring it on the plane with you, rather than in the storage below.
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