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Cigar Dossier Book

These mellow mild to medium cigars (not too different from the rival Macanudo) are made in the Dominican Republic with claro and colorado claro wrappers.  They are well made, and come in tubes as well as boxes. The brand was originally made in the Canary Islands until the mid-1970s and had different characteristics at that time. Connecticut wrappers are generally used, though some (mostly smaller) sizes come with fuller-flavored, sweeter-tasting, Cameroon wrappers. Some sizes are available in a choice of double claro (AMS) or colorado (EMS).
The Monarch tubes are very good of their type, as are the Lonsdales. The Royal Palmas and Corona Major are also tubed sizes. The Amatista size comes in a glass jar. Generally with this brand, flavor, aroma, and burning qualities make this cigar a higher class smoke. Don Diego Privadas are more fully matured.
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