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Name behinds barnds

Monte Cristo - This cigar brand was named for The Count of Monte Cristo, a novel that written by Alexandre Dumas. Legend states that this novel was very well liked among cigar rollers in Cuba; it was often read aloud in the factories while the rollers another cigar. Considered to be one of Dumas’ best books, The Counte of Monte Cristo involves the supposedly true tale of a man imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit; he was framed by four jealous friends. While in prison, he was befriended by a dying man and told of the location of a treasure. After he was released, the man found the treasure, adopted a new identity and began plotting his revenge.
Romeo Y Juliet - Most of us know the story of Romeo and Juliet, the tale of two ill-fated people trapped between the conflicts of dueling families. Known as one of the most stunning love stories of all time, William Shakespeare’s portrayal of two innocent lovers put Juliet and Romeo on the map, making them representative of both a true love lost and the problem with communication between those who are dating. As cigars, Romeo and Juliet fair much better; the tragedy lies in not smoking them.
William Penn - Born in 1644, William Penn founded the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a colony in North America that became later the state of Pennsylvania in the United States. Overseeing the affairs of the Commonwealth, Penn became influential to the US Constitution. A bit overzealous, Penn also composed and published The United States of Europe, a plan to unify Europe in American fashion. William Penn was particularly notable because, in a time of oppression, he treated Native Americans with the respect they deserved. In fact, he often served as a mediator whenever a dispute came about.
Sancho Panza - A favorite cigar should be consistent - a faithful companion that can be counted upon - much like this cigar’s literary namesake. Sancho Panza was the bearded, jolly sidekick of the windmill-tilting modern-day knight, Don Quixote, in the novel Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes. The creation of this very old brand (circa 1850) is credited to Emilio Ahmsted, about whom little is known, including his logic for naming a cigar after a character in a Spanish novel.

Henry Clay - An American politician and the founder of the Whig Party, Henry Clay served in the House of Representatives and the U S Senate. Elemental in fighting for modernization and economic development, Henry Clay was also known as The Great Compromiser for his ability to remain clam and composed when facing issues of extreme duress. In his personal life, Henry Clay was a seeker of pleasantries and a gambler, having twice fought in a duel. It was probably his taste of the good life, as well as the fact that he represented a state where tobacco was grown, that led to a cigar line being rolled in his name
Mike Ditka - Da, Cigars! The Mike Ditka cigar line is named for, who else, Mike Ditka. Born in 1939, Ditka made a name for himself as a player, a coach, and a television commentator. He’s best known as coach of the Chicago Bears and remains one of only two people to have won a Super Bowl as a player, an assistant coach, and a head coach. Mike Ditka cigars contain a cigar band that is a duplication of the 1985 Super Bowl ring. The cigars, like the man they are named for, contain a bit of bite.
Don Juan - As legend states, Don Juan was a man who courted a girl of noble blood, killing her father when he interfered. Much later, when Don Juan saw a statue of the man he had killed, he irreverently invited it to come over to dine. The statue gladly accepted and the ghost of the murdered man arrived for dinner (don’t you hate when that happens?). As this ghost shook Don Juan’s hand, Don Juan was dragged into Hell.
Simon Bolivar - You could say that bolivar was a revolutionary cigar, in the most literal sense of the word. Born in what is today known as Venezuela (ruled by Hugo Chaves), Simon de Bolivar (1783-1830), the cigar’s namesake, was a child of privilege whose parents died when he was a child. After several trips to Europe as an adult, Bolivar used his vast fortune and personal charisma to gather a revolutionary army to lead a revolt against sovereign Spain, thus winning the liberation of the nations we know today as Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and the one which was named after him - Bolivia. He remains a revered historical figure - known as “The Liberator” and “the George Washington of South America” - despite his turbulent later years as ruler of Colombia, where he resigned his post following an assassination attempt. His icon status was assured in 1901, when Jose F. Rocha, a Spanish businessman residing in Havana, and apparent admirer of Bolivar, named his new cigar after the 19th century revolutionary.
Ramon Allones - If you’ve ever bought a box of cigars simply because of the pretty box design, you’ve got Ramon Allones to either thank or blame, depending on your experience with the actual cigars. Allones came from Galicia, Spain with his brother Antonio way back in 1837 to take the Cuban cigar business by storm. The cigar bearing Ramon’s name is one of the oldest existing brands in cuba, still proudly proclaiming its 1837 date of inception on the band (though the brand was not registered until 1845). Allones was an innovator, the first to use colorful, decorative design on a cigar box, and the first to institute the idea of boxes of 25, organized in the 8-9-8 packing, with one size of cigar per box
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