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Cigar clothing

Cigar smoking has gained prominence in the last decade all over the world. Not only has it resurrected as a habit but as a culture itself. There are many cigar manufacturers and cigar brands springing up all over the United States, and most of them manufacture an assortment of cigar accessories that have totally revolutionized the lives of cigar lovers. Cigar clothing is one of these accessories. This includes range of cigar belts, cigar hats, cigar boots, cigar T-shirts, cigar jackets and even cigar pants. These accessories are specially designed for cigar lovers and display a logo of a favorite brand. These unique clothes have a style and class of their own, and are very famous among the cigar smokers. The hats are usually very similar to cowboy hats and are branded with a mascot or logo (sometimes also slogan). Similarly, boots too carry the brand's logo or a mascot's picture. These are very famous among those who are loyal to a specific cigar brand. Some of them are willing to buy every shirt and hat that carry their beloved cigar.
Cigar jacket is another popular item that is claimed to be designed for the purpose of smoking a cigar. While styles obviously vary between different brands, the classic and characteristic cigar jacket is waist-length, generally made of velvet or possibly silk with a stole collar, turn-up cuffs and toggle fastenings (the jacket is sure to keep you warm and cozy in the winter time). A jacket usually features three inside pockets ready to accommodate cigar, lighter and cutter. These jackets usually come in rich and vivid colors such as burgundy, claret, deep purple and bottle green.
Some stores around the world sell Cigar Label Shirts. These authentic vintage cigar box label images are reproduced on natural cotton and environmentally-friendly hemp T-Shirts. Some of the labels belong to brands that are no linger exist, brands which were very popular, more then hundred years ago.
Most cigar clothing originates after a particular mascot, probably an actor, a model or a famous personality who has worn it while advertising for a particular cigar brand. Such clothes worn by famous personalities in cigar advertisements quickly become famous, and people start identifying that particular clothing with cigar smoking itself.
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