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Cigar Accessories

What is a Cigar Accessory?
Cigar accessories are products that enhance your cigar smoking experience. The major items are humidors, cigar cutters, cigar cases, and cigar lighters. Then there are those cigar related products that cigar smokers and those around them enjoy. These include cigar holders, ashtrays, cigar smoke eliminators and cigar themed gift items. Even cigar books and magazines are considered an accessory for cigar smokers.
Choosing Accessories
When cigar smoking took hold in Europe it was a sign of wealth. Prior to the premium cigar's recent increase in popularity the price of cigar accessories was proof of that. Since that time the price of cigar accessories has dropped due to the economies of making so many for so many cigar smokers. Everything from humidors to cigar cutters and cigar cases can be found at very affordable prices.

When choosing accessories be sure that it serves the intended purpose, regardless of the brand. Many brands charge a "luxury" bonus for the privilege of displaying their logo. Other's offer comparable products at reasonable prices. It's up to you how snobby you want to be about your accessories. But whatever you decide to buy, make sure that it is guaranteed, especially if you buy it on the internet.

An aficionado who stores more than a few cigars will almost certainly need a humidor for proper storage. Humidors can be made from plastic or wood and range in price from less than one hundred to more than one thousand dollars. Most are lined with cedar and have a humidification device. In addition, small-size traveling and desktop versions exist for smaller quantities of cigars. The most important considerations when purchasing a humidor are the quality and reliability of the humidifying device and the tightness of the seal. Quality humidors can accommodate a variety of cigar sizes and range widely in appearance.
A smooth cut along the cigar cap can be made by using a quality cutter. The guillotine model evenly snips off the end and remains most popular, though other styles such as scissors, V-cutters and bullet cutters can effectively prepare a cigar for lighting. Whatever style you may choose, be sure that the blade retains a sharp edge.
While a long match can be used for lighting, butane lighters stay lit longer and do not impart an unwanted taste to the cigar. The best models can be costly, but can be refilled for long life. Regular smokers may also find themselves in need of a carrying case. In general, it is better to buy a larger carrying case than a small one. Always look for a strong, durable case.

A variety of ashtrays can complete the cigar-loverís set of smoking accessories, from personalized ashtrays to artistic creations by a variety of artists in a range of styles. Newer models of ashtrays feature small motors to suck in the excess cigar smoke so that the smoker can enjoy his cigar without spreading the second-hand smoke everywhere.

Of course, the popularity of cigars has spawned a wide market of other accessories, including Tubos, cases, books, clothing (such as ties), and so on. Each aficionado can select from these options based on taste and desire.
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