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Cigar Gifts and Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is a time of year when we gather with friends and family, planning meals and coming together to celebrate all that we are thankful for, making each day special. Itís a time for preparation and celebration. And for many, an exceptional, hand-rolled cigar is called for at these special occasions.

It is often said that gift giving is the perfect opportunity to show how little we know about the ones around us, by offering them a gift that does not suit their preferences. However, when it comes to offering a gift to a cigar enthusiast, choosing it should be less of a burden - plenty of useful and exquisite gifts are available for a smoker. Also, we are here to provide you with some simple tips that will help you choose the perfect gift and further simplify the decisional process.

Before getting started, it should be noted that there is no one-size-fits-all cigar gift. Every smoker has different preferences when it comes to receiving such a gift, so its success will depend on how well you know the person to whom you are offering it. Even so, the list weíve put together contains cigar gifts that will most likely have a high success rate among most cigar aficionados. Combining the knowledge you have about the recipient with our suggestions will certainly yield the perfect cigar gift to finely mark a special occasion. With this issue out of the way, letís see what are some cigar gifts you can offer to the smokers in your social circle, or in general, to a cigar lover.

Cigars and samplers
The first idea that comes to most peopleís mind would probably be Ö cigars. The recipient loves cigars in general, so he or she must love them as a gift as well, right? This will probably hold true for most people, and there are two possibilities when it comes to offering cigars as a gift. You can either choose to go with a box of the smokerís favorite cigars (such as Davidoff), or a variety of samplers for him or her to try.

Box of Davidoff gift consisting of a box of the smokerís favorite cigars has the advantage of certainty - no hit-and-miss: the likelihood of him or her enjoying this cigar gift is as high as it gets - you canít really go wrong here. However, there is an issue that clearly arises when choosing such gift, and that is knowing the cigar preferences of the gift recipient. If you have such knowledge, then youíre good to go; otherwise, you should somehow find out, obviously without spoiling the surprise, certain aspects of the recipientís cigar of choice: favorite brand and body/wrapper preferences are a minimum when it comes to buying cigars. With such gift, there is no recommendation we can give, as the final choice fully depends on the recipientís cigar preferences.

On the other side of the spectrum lies the option of offering a sampler pack consisting of a variety of cigars. Most cigar smokers, irrespective of smoking experience, enjoy trying out new brands of cigars, and as such, a sampler pack is a great gift. However, this type of gift is best suited for certain circumstances. First, you should give a sampler pack if you do not know the favorite cigar of the recipient. This way, you avoid giving an entire box of the ďwrongĒ cigar that the recipient does not like. In addition, a sampler pack is the perfect gift for a new smoker, who might not even be decided upon a favorite blend. When buying cigars for a new smoker, you should keep in mind that he or she would probably prefer milder blends, as a medium-to-full cigar might be too strong. Offer the latter only to seasoned smokers. If you know the recipient does not yet have his or her own humidor, then the small travel humidor might be a great way to get started. Major online retailers always have a lot of sampler deals on their websites; we did the research for you and got you the best deal available today for a cigar gift combining a Sampler pack + Ashtray + Lighter + Cutter. The deal offers an amazing collection of 10 Hand Made premium cigars that has an unbelievable price of $19.95. (You'll save over 85%) This deal Includes: 2 Macanudo Gold Label, 2 Graycliff Greywolf, 2 Gurkha Prestige, 2 Miraflor, 2 Tres Ligas Maduro Limited, a Double Guillotine Cutter, an Ultra Reliable Butane Torch Lighter and a BONUS: Beautiful Macanudo Ashtray (!) Unbelievable price for this Top Shelf 10 Combo. This is all you need to make someone you love happy and itís a sure winner for your cigar smoking pleasure. Great value for money and it is highly recommend.
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