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Speech of Javier Terrés at Edmundo Launching

Dear Guests:

I was requested to speak a bit about the habano we are smoking, Montecristo Edmundo. What can be spoken about it? I believe it is self Ė expressing and therefore it is very hard for me to talk about a piece of art which involves over two hundred completely manual works.

I always say that every time you come across with a habano you should reflect on the following: How many products are 100% handmade worldwide? Answer by yourselves and as a result you will be able to deduce how exclusive and excellent the cigar you are smoking is.

Why is Edmundo launched?

First, it is launched due to our responsability as leaders of Premium cigar market regarding trend source and upkeep of vitality of habano culture.

Second, Edmundo is the state of the art when it comes to Montecristo (the most important in sales worldwide), and we have not launched a new product for 30 years; Edmundo is also the state of the art within habanos vitolas which meets the current demand of thick and medium gauge vitolas.

With that spirit, it is launched to the market with 52 and 135 length, slightly superior to Robusto. We consider the name itself is a state of the art feature, going away from habanos traditional names and paying homage to the main character of Count of Montecristo novel, Edmundo Dantés.

Finally, Edmundoís launching reassert the message, not only with words but also with facts, we sent to the market permanently; that is to say habano is a living first-rate product, and it gets used to the consumerís taste permanently.

I could not finish these words without mentioning what i consider essential with respect to habanos. That is passion and tenderness which we, the people from Tabacuba and Habanos as responsible for the elaboration and trade, apply in our job. Those qualities mean fundamental attributes to meet our distributors, precise, and consumerís highest expectations.

Thank you very much and you may enjoy Edmundo!! Have a good evening.
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