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Brown Label Limited Reserve Churchill by DON KIKI
Brown Label Limited Reserve Churchill Cigars by DON KIKI come in boxes of 25 cigars. After aging the tobacco for 3 years, these premium cigars are finally released for your smoking enjoyment. They are only available in fine tobacco stores and at Cuban Crafters. DON KIKI Limited Reserve Brown Label are the most flavorful Don Kiki cigars to date. Medium to full body, these cigars are hand made in small batches and in limited quantities with sun grown and extremely aged Cuban-Seed Habano long leaf tobacco from the rich fields of Tabacalera Esteli. The Binder is a rich Corojo tobacco and the Wrapper is a super premium rich and rare sun-grown Cuban-Seed Criollo. This combination of all Cuban Seed tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli produces lots of delightful smoke and flavor. Cohiba was what the natives in Cuba called great smoking tobacco. Don Kiki carefully blended these premium cigars with the best Cohiba from Tabacalera Esteli to provide an exquisite taste and smoking experience. Each Churchill cigar is individually handcrafted to his strict high standards and under his direct supervision. The Churchill cigars are 7 long with a large ring gauge of 52. The hand-packed cedar box contains 25 exquisite premium cigars.
DON KIKI Limited Reserve Brown Label boutique premium cigar provides a powerhouse of flavors. Six years in the making, the tobacco leaves are skillfully cured by artisans and then aged for at least three years before they are individually chosen based on their fine qualities and hand crafted into cigars by skilled master cigar rollers. These fine premium cigars are then aged for an additional 3 years in Tabacalera Estelis temperature and humidity controlled aging room before being hand packed in Cedar boxes. They are fully backed by the exclusive Cuban Crafters Cigars Full Satisfaction Guarantee.
MEDIUM TO FULL BODIED CIGARS. Their superior taste is well balanced and complex with some floral licorice & spices. It has earthy undertones of toasted nuts. It finishes with a cocoa blast.

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