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Don Quijote Torpedo
A fine cigar auction is where you would expect to buy cigars as good as these. Don Quijote are Cuban style cigars with typical Cuban taste. They are completely handmade with rich Cuban-seed Habano tobacco from our prized farm in the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua. The taste is what smoking a Don Quijote Torpedo is all about. It is a medium to full body cigar that starts out at medium and builds to full while you smoke it. Don Quijote Torpedo is loaded with complex flavors. It has an earthy spiciness, a creamy and nutty character, and it is so smooth that you might not even notice the shift from medium to full. The taste is futher enhanced with light coffee notes, vanilla waves and touches of cedar wood and orange peels. With a creamy chocolate finish, you will never want it to end. It's a complex taste that's like nothing else that you have smoked. The naturally reddish Cuban-seed Habano wrapper is as elegant as the cigar's taste and construction. Made with first generation Cuban-seed Habano long-fillers in a Connecticut shade-grown binder, it is all draped by a sun-grown Cuban seed Habano tobacco wrapper. A smooth cigar with all the complex taste that Cuban cigar smokers expect and truly enjoy. If you are a seasoned smoker, you no longer have to go to an auction to get such exclusive cigars. Torpedos are 6 1/8 inches long with a 52 ring gauge. 25 cigars are hand-packed in a bundle.
We've been making Don Quijote cigars for about two years now. Since they are made with prized Cuban-seed tobacco from our Jalapa Valley farm, we were only able to make them in very limited quantities. Therefore, they were exclusively sold to a few cigar stores. We finally have enough tobacco to sell them online, and wait until you try them. The true Cuban look and taste of this cigar will have you coming back for more. We could have easily placed them in a box, instead of in bundles, and charged the $6 to $8 a piece that others charge for a cigar of this quality, but that's not our style. Instead we decided to spare the box and sell them factory direct to you at incredibly affordable prices. So enjoy them and see what a true Cuban cigar experience is all about.
MEDIUM to FULL BODIED. This Torpedo starts out at medium and builds up to full as you smoke it. The complex taste includes an earthy spiciness with a creamy and nutty character that is gradually enhanced by sweet coffee and cream notes, vanilla waves and touches of cedar and orange peels.

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