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Cigar lore says that farmers raise tobacco and manufacturers make cigars. So, when the Fuente family, the largest producers of handmade cigars in the Dominican Republic, bought a plantation, eyebrows were raised on both sides of the divide. As word spread that the farm near El Caribe would grow wrappers, the same eyebrows arched. Virtually no one grew wrappers in the Dominican Republic and certainly not for premium cigars.

When a cigar wrapped with leaf from the El Caribe farm, now known as Chateau de la Fuente, topped Cigar Aficionado's autumn 1994 tasting, beating several Havanas before it even went on sale, the eyebrows hit the roof.
1995 saw the fourth crop harvested at Chateau de la Fuente, still no cigar created from its leaves has hit the market. These things take time in the opinion of Carlos and Carlito Fuente, but soon smokers and industry skeptics alike will be able to pass judgment on the Chateau de la Fuente Opus X series. (Sizes listed on the link below.)
There are plenty of other Fuente cigars to enjoy in both their standard range and their Hemingway series of big figurados. Rare Colorado Cameroon wrappers are Fuente's hallmark, although some sizes like Royal Salute come dressed in "natural" Connecticut shade. All these cigars are well-constructed and well-blended, giving a distinguished light to medium flavor which reflects the enthusiasm of their makers. The Double Corona and Rothschild enclosed in cedar-wood wraps are particular favorites.

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