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Cuaba Cigars
Launched in the fall of 1996, this is the latest Havana to hit the cigar market and is produced by the Romeo Y Julieta factory in Cuba. Its name derives from an old Taino Indian word for a type of bush, that still grows on the island today. It was used for lighting cigars at religious ceremonies, chosen because it burned easily. Quemar como una Cuaba, "to burn like a Cuaba", is an expression still used by Cuban farmers today.
Available in four sizes, this line is reminiscent of vintage cigars. Each cigar in the line has a tapered end, known as a "figurado", a shape very popular during the nineteenth century, which then lost its popularity to the straight-sided, or "parejos" cigars that have dominated the twentieth century.
This mild to medium cigar offers a smoke of outstanding quality.

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