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Don Ramos Ciagrs
These well-made, full-flavored, 100 percent Honduran cigars are made in San Pedro de Sula, mainly for the British market. There are a total of seven sizes, all available in bundles. Five come in tubes and four in boxes. The bundles are simply numbered; No. 11 is a Churchill, No. 14 a Corona, No. 19 a Rothschild, and so on, and offer good value for money. The heavy gauge sizes; 6 3/4 inches, x 47 (Churchill/Gigantes/No. 11), 55/8 inches x 46 (No. 13) and 41/2 inches x 50 (Epicures/No. 19) are substantial smokes. All sizes have a spicy richness. The list below gives the bundle numbers.

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