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Don Lino
First introduced in 1989, the Don Lino brand of handmade Honduran cigars has seen two new selections added in the last few years. The original blend covers fifteen very well-priced sizes wrapped in Connecticut shade and filled with a light mixture of Honduran tobaccos.
The seven sizes of the Habana Reserve line also come Connecticut wrapped and claim a special four year aging before reaching the market. This mellows their flavor but adds to the price.
Darker Connecticut broadleaf wrappers are used for the four heavy gauge sizes in the Colorado series launched in 1994. These also show signs of aging and have a pleasing mild to medium taste. Each size is available in its own humidor, which can be refilled from standard cedar boxes.
If well-filled cigars appeal, any Don Lino is the cigar for you. However, they are sometimes too well-filled, which can impede the draw.

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