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The name means "King of the World", a confident enough title for this brand, originally founded in 1882 by the Antonio Allones company. Many connoisseurs would rate it among their favorite brands. The selection is large, with some sizes available in machine-made versions. They are made in the Romeo Y Julieta factory along with other medium-flavored brands. There are also well-made (but much fuller-bodied) Honduran versions in 26 sizes (a selection is listed below) from JR Tobacco with Completely different names such as Flor de Llaneza, Imperiale, and Montecarlo, although they also list a Choix Supreme. Some contain a Dominican filler for a lighter flavor, aimed at the less-experienced smoker.
The El Rey del Mundo Corona was the favorite cigar of film producer Darryl F. Zancuk, former head of 20th Century-Fox, who once actually owned a plantation in Cuba. The British tycoon Sir Terence Conran is also a fan.
The Cuban are a well-constructed, high-quality line of cigars, with smooth, oily wrappers, particularly the larger sizes (Tainos, Choix Supreme, Gran Corona, and above). Even the larger sizes are light and medium to mild (too mild for those for whom big cigars mean body), and the aroma is always subtle. These are good beginners' cigars, and very suitable for daytime smoking; even the larger sizes wouldn't be best appreciated after a heavy dinner.

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