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Havana Classico's Cigars

With its rich, dark wrapper, Havana Classico's full-bodied smoke has complex flavor with many undertones, a perfect white ash and a pleasant woody aroma. Also available with a dark Connecticut wrapper crafted with the same tobacco as the dark Havana Classico wrapper with a beautiful Connecticut s... read more
HAB Cigars

Felipe Gregorio launched this brand in Spring 1995, and it has yet to find the international acclaim enjoyed by fellow brand Petrus (also listed). Despite this it has been very well received and praised for its oily dark brown wrapper, and soft, slightly sweet flavors. All of the tobacco for thes... read more
Griffin Cigars

Griffin is the brainchild of Bernard H Grobet, an early disciple of Zino Davidoff. He was among the first Europeans who over a decade ago saw the potential for cigars made in the Dominican Republic. More recently, both the manufacture and marketing of the brand have come under the influence of hi... read more
Fonsecas Cigars

Boxes of Cuban Fonsecas feature both New York's Statue of Liberty and Havana's Morro Castle, indicating that the brand was born at a time when relations between these two great cities were easier than they are today.
Since 1965, the brand has also been made in the Dominican... read more
Felipe Gregorio Cigars

Felipe Gregorio is the flagship brand of Cigars of Honduras, founded in 1990. Named after the company's founder, it has enjoyed widespread success in the United States. The tobacco for filler, binder, and wrapper is all grown in the Jamastran valley of Honduras, and each cigar is made exclusively... read more
Excaliburs Cigars

Excaliburs are the very best of the Hoyo de Monterrey brand made by Villazon from Havana seed wrappers in Honduras (see also Hoyo de Monterrey entry). They are medium to full-bodied, rich, extremely well made, and among the best non-Cuban cigars on the market. They are sold with the Ho... read more

ERDM Cigars

The name means "King of the World", a confident enough title for this brand, originally founded in 1882 by the Antonio Allones company. Many connoisseurs would rate it among their favorite brands. The selection is large, with some sizes available in machine-made versions. They are made in the Rom... read more
Dunhill Cigars

The old English company of Alfred Dunhill can claim a long association with fine cigars. It was to Dunhill that the Menendez y Garcia company first took their infant Montecristo brand in 1935. There were house brands like Don Candido and Don Alfredo. The 1980s saw the brief creation of Dunhill's ... read more
Don Tomas Cigars

These are very well-made Honduran cigars which come in three lines at differing price levels. Special Edition incorporates five super-premium priced sizes using Honduran, Dominican, and Connecticut seed tobaccos grown near Talanga, Honduras. The International series offers just four sizes, identi... read more
Don Ramos Ciagrs

These well-made, full-flavored, 100 percent Honduran cigars are made in San Pedro de Sula, mainly for the British market. There are a total of seven sizes, all available in bundles. Five come in tubes and four in boxes. The bundles are simply numbered; No. 11 is a Churchill, No. 14 a Corona, No. ... read more
Don Pepe Cigars

This brand was launched in Brazil in November 1994, and is the latest addition to the lines produced by Suerdieck. It is already a popular choice in the United States. They are a blend of mata norte and mata fina tobacco, wrapped in Brazilian-grown Sumatra leaf. Available in seven sizes these cig... read more
Don Mateo Cigars

The wrappers of these Honduran cigars (all of them are available in mid-brown; a couple of size come in a choice of maduro) are somewhat veiny, rather coarse, and not of the best quality, but they are good enough, competitively priced cigars.  They are well made (if rolled a little tightly),... read more
Don Lino Cigars

First introduced in 1989, the Don Lino brand of handmade Honduran cigars has seen two new selections added in the last few years. The original blend covers fifteen very well-priced sizes wrapped in Connecticut shade and filled with a light mixture of Honduran tobaccos.
The ... read more
Dondie Cigars

These mellow mild to medium cigars (not too different from the rival Macanudo) are made in the Dominican Republic with claro and colorado claro wrappers. They are well made, and come in tubes as well as boxes. The brand was originally made in the Canary Islands, until the mid-1970s, and then had ... read more
Diplomaticos Cigars

The Diplomaticos range was originally created for the French market in 1966. Although the brand's livery of a carriage and scrolls owes more to Walt Disney than to cigar tradition, it has been adopted recently by a Dominican Republic brand called Licenciados (also listed). The choice is limited, ... read more
Davidoff Cigars

Davidoff Cigars, Davidoff is a byword for style and quality throughout the world. It encompasses men's fragrances, ties, glasses, ... read more
Cuesta-rey Cigars

Cuesta-rey Cigars, The name of Cuesta-Rey dates back to the time when Tampa, Florida, was the American capital of a flourishing ... read more
Cubali Cigars

The band on every Aliados cigar bears the word Cuba. But it doesn't come from Cuba. It comes from Honduras. No doubt the hands that made it are those of a Cuban immigrant. No doubt its production is supervised by ex-patriate Cubans, and no doubt the seeds for its tobacco are immigrant Cuban seeds... read more
Cuaba Cigars

Launched in the fall of 1996, this is the latest Havana to hit the cigar market and is produced by the Romeo Y Julieta factory in Cuba. Its name derives from an old Taino Indian word for a type of bush, that still grows on the island today. It was used for lighting cigars at religious ceremonies,... read more
Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba Cigars, For a brand so young (founded in 1968) in the annals of Havanas, it is remarkable how many myths surround Cohiba. One... read more
Casa Blanca Cigars

Casa Blanca Cigars, Well-made Dominican cigars with Claro Connecticut wrappers on all sizes and maduro on some. The filler is Dominican and the binder Mexican. Casa Blanca's Specialty is gargantuan Cigars. The 10-inch Jeroboam and 5-inch Half Jeroboam have ring gauges over 1-inch thick (66). In g... read more
Cartor Cigars

The tradition began in 1916, shortly after Don Santiago Torano arrived in Cuba from his native Spain. Decades later, his son Carlos made a key contribution to the industry, by introducing the renowned "Piloto Cubano" seed from Cuba in the Dominican Republic in the 1960's. Today, Don Santiago's gr... read more
CAO Cigars

CAO Cigars, First introduced in 1995, C.A.O.'s Honduran cigars are made at Nestor Plasencia's Fabrica de Tabacas Oriente factory and are made of Nicaraguan and Mexican filler tobacco, with binders from Honduras, and Connecticut shade wrappers. They tend to be very well constructed and offer a mil... read more
Canaria Cigars, Canaria D'oro Cigars

Made in the Dominican Republic with Cameroon wrappers, these are well-made mild to medium-flavored cigars with a touch of sweetness. They come in medium-brown wrappers, except the very good Rothschild (robusto), which comes with a high-quality maduro wrapper. They are relatively good value for mo... read more
Calleoch Cigars

Named for Little Havana's famed 8th Street, Calle Ocho's blend of four tobaccos provides a delicious, pleasant and smooth flavor packed in popular glass tubes. Highly recommended by Smoke magazine. The wrapper is Connecticut seed Ecuador, with a Dominican, Mexican and Nicaraguan blend.
&n... read more
Cacique Cigars

Cacique cigars are handmade in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Consisting of a Connecticut wrapper, Dominican binder and filler. This gives the brand a mild flavor, while still offering full tobacco flavor, with pleasant herbal, earthy quality of woods. Available in eight sizes, the indian chief br... read more
Cabal Cigars

A cigar with some solid tobacco flavors, Caballeros is a reasonably priced, easy smoking cigar. Its wrapper is of Connecticut blend, filler and binder being Dominican. It has a nice smooth texture, is slightly spicy and offers a slow, even burn. The flagship blends were meticulously-crafted by Ch... read more
Bolivar Cigars

Bolivar Cigars, The famous Bolivar label and box featuring a portrait of the 19th-century Venezuelan revolutionary Simon Bolivar, liberator of much of South America from the Spanish empire, is one of th... read more
Bauza Cigars

Bauza Cigars, Echoes of pre-revolution Havana are still to be found on Bauza boxes, although today the cigars are made in the Dominican Republic. The wrappers are rich Colorado Cameroon. The Mexican bin... read more
Bances Cigars

A brand which comes in both hand- and machine-made sizes. The number of handmade sizes, all produced in Honduras from a blend of local tobaccos, has grown recently with additions like the weighty 8 1/2 inch, 52 gauge President. The wrappers tend to be rather coarse, and tight rolling can give pro... read more
Baccarat Cigars

Baccarat Cigars, Baccarats are full-bodied Honduran cigars, well made with medium brown Havana seed wrappers. They tend to be rath... read more
AVO Cigars

Avo Cigars, Avo Uvezian, accomplished musician and composer of Strangers in the Night, brings a clear understanding of harmony to the c... read more
Ashton Cigars

Ashton Cigars, Owned by a Philadelphia enterprise but named after an English pipe-maker of high repute, these well-tailored cigars a... read more
Artfue Cigars

Cigar lore says that farmers raise tobacco and manufacturers make cigars. So, when the Fuente family, the largest producers of handmade cigars in the Dominican Republic, bought a plantation, eyebrows were raised on both sides of the divide. As word spread that the farm near El Caribe would grow w... read more
Trinidad Belicoso

TTT Trinidad Belicoso MAD Handmade DR Wrapper: ECSU/CTBL Binder: CTBL/ECSU Filler: NIC/DR/PER Full Bodied At its core is a robust recipe of aged Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Peruvian long-filler tobaccos secured by a stout broadleaf binder and finished with either a choice Ecuadorian Sumatran sun-g... read more
Bolivar Churchill

Bolivar is a very old name in the cigar industry. The first Bolivar cigars were made back in Cuba in 1901. Then in 1950, the famous cigar maker Ramon Cifuentes decided to open up a factory in the Dominican Republic. At that time he started making a Dominican version of the Bolivar cigar using the... read more
Cupido Tuxedo Torpedo

Maduro Cigar Tobacco has never been so satisfying. These super premium Cupido Tuxedo Torpedo cigars are hand made with ultra premium cigar tobacco. Cupido Tuxedo are dark, rich and flavorful. They are produced in the Dominican Republic with seriously aged Ligero long leaf Filler and Binder. This ... read more
Cuban Crafters Cameroon Torpedo

Cuban Crafters Cameroon Cigars Torpedo are skillfully hand made by master roller with many years of experience. Each torpedo cigar combines the finest and most expensive Cameroon cigar wrapper leaves with the best Cuban Seed Habano tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli. The Long-Filler and Binder are vi... read more
Don Quijote Torpedo

A fine cigar auction is where you would expect to buy cigars as good as these. Don Quijote are Cuban style cigars with typical Cuban taste. They are completely handmade with rich Cuban-seed Habano tobacco from our prized farm in the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua. The taste is what smoking a Don Quij... read more
La Carolina Campana

La Carolina Campana cigars are 5½" Long with a Ring Gauge of 56. They are meticulously Box-Pressed. Each cigar is totally hand made with aged long leaf Binder and Fillers, wrapped in extra premium Wrappers. Every hand rolled cigar is made by the expert hands of the traditional Torcedores of Tabac... read more
Brown Label Limited Reserve Churchill by DON KIKI

Brown Label Limited Reserve Churchill Cigars by DON KIKI come in boxes of 25 cigars. After aging the tobacco for 3 years, these premium cigars are finally released for your smoking enjoyment. They are only available in fine tobacco stores and at Cuban Crafters. DON KIKI Limited Reserve Brown Labe... read more
J.L. Salazar y Hermanos

J.L. SALAZAR y HERMANOS Reserva Especial Torpedo size are our best classic Cuban Box-Pressed premium cigars. They are silky and dark. The master rollers have handmade each one to draw firmly and to burn evenly. The tobacco leaves are aged for over three years and specially cured through four ferm... read more

Founded by Jose O. Padron in Miami, Florida, Padron Cigars has been producing long-filler premium cigars since 1964. Operating two companies in Central America, Tabacos Cubanica S.A. in Nicaragua, and Tabacos Centroamericanos S.A. in Honduras, Padron Cigars is one among a handful of companies tha... read more

The brand Fonseca was registered in Havana in 1907, by the Spanish Francisco Fonseca, whose picture is still reproduced in the boxes’ top of these cigars.
After his decease, in 1930 the widow, Doña Teresa Boetticher, continued the successful business... read more
Don Lino

First introduced in 1989, the Don Lino brand of handmade Honduran cigars has seen two new selections added in the last few years. The original blend covers fifteen very well-priced sizes wrapped in Connecticut shade and filled with a light mixture of Honduran tobaccos.
The ... read more
Gurkha Titan

The Gurkha Titan is a magnificent concoction that only a company like Gurkha is capable of making.
Well known for producing some of the most prestigious and rare super premiums in the world, the secret to Gurkha’s success is their uncompromising commitment to quality and th... read more
Flor de Oliva

The Flor de Oliva is hailed by most aficionados as the best value on the market.  They are all made by hand with 100% Nicaraguan long fillers and are unbelievably low priced.
The Flor de Oliva line is Americas top selling bundle, and with good reason. The Olivas have been in the toba... read more
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