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The Winning Christmas Gift for Cigar Smokers

YES!!! Itís my favorite time of yearÖ Christmas! Now everyone Iím tasked with coming up with a Ďlistí of things I want / need / donít ever need / will use. So this year I decided to make a list that would serve a dual purpose. 1) It will make my list public incase any of you want to buy me something and 2) It will hopefully give some ideas to others out there that are shopping for their loved ones that happen to enjoy cigars.

And for those of you that are looking for that special gift and not sure what to buy, Here is a perfect solution. Give cigars for Christmas this year!

I really wanted to provide you my winning list, but after I did the research I decided to let it go. Since I found the best deal available today for a cigar gift combining a Sampler pack + Ashtray + Lighter + Cutter. The deal offers an amazing collection of 10 Hand Made premium cigars that has an unbelievable price of $19.95. (You'll save over 85%) This deal Includes: 2 Macanudo Gold Label, 2 Graycliff Greywolf, 2 Gurkha Prestige, 2 Miraflor, 2 Tres Ligas Maduro Limited, a Double Guillotine Cutter, an Ultra Reliable Butane Torch Lighter and a BONUS: Beautiful Macanudo Ashtray (!) Unbelievable price for this Top Shelf 10 Combo.

Your favorite tobacco-loving fellow will be ready to light up a stogie once you surprise him with a thoughtful gift celebrating his passion for cigars.

Merry Christmas!
Mike Brown
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